Saturday, August 26, 2006

Email excerpts from the new online guy (Mike)

I'll put brief portions from email #1 to current...he has a certain charm about things and makes me smile more than I care to admit to...

you seem like an actual, non-synthetic human being. or am i wrong? (this was the first email from Mike)

music is incredibly important to me as well, so much so i very rarely if ever listen to the "mainstream" radio- to me MOST studio stuff (nothing personal) is way over-produced, when you polish something a lot of the energy and emotion and "realness" is lost- and to me that's what music is. when you take it and polish it it's more like entertainment to me. if you can get to where your fingers or hands or whatever are good enough to channel what you are feeling in your brainstem (or whatever), then you've got my attention.

a couple more questions, and please feel free to babble, have you traveled much? do you have/want children? do you own a telescope? i could go on but anyway. enjoy

how's everything? isn't this weather freakin' glorious? full moon, warm, then thunderstorms late at night (around here at least), god it makes living through the winter all worth it!

what do you think the current state of the planet is? are you optimistic about our future? i'd really like to know. and finally if you're not offended by this question, how old are you?

the only thing that really makes me nervous is how short sighted people are. and about your story, i don't know but when i'm talking to a woman who interests me i'm never inclined to be a leering pig, but i'm sure i'm more ethereal than most. you should have done a "granny" and hit him with your purse- which hopefully contained a horseshoe. (This was after I told him about a guy at a bar that said to me that he liked talking to me because I have big breasts)

i know i promised to get back to you sooner and i'm sorry, the weather has just been so nice i've had no desire to spend the little free time i've had lately inside staring at a computer screen, i'm sure you can empathize! damn it's nice when it goes right from winter to almost summer! i love these couple weeks every year when all the leaves and plants and some of the flowers are emerging, i'm kind of embarassed to say that but it's absolutely true!

i find your "musical attitude" so interesting and refreshing! one thing that has always annoyed me about many musicians i have met is their need for fame, and when that becomes the main goal instead of createing something beautiful i usually cannot work with them- i'm much more interested in producing rhythmic and emotional sound waves than any kind of fleeting stardom or payoff. the two seem almost mutually exclusive to me.

i like to make up my own words, like one i thought is fitting for most middle to upper class americans: pompacity

i always find things in everyday life amusing, i guess i just like to laugh or am generally a happy person- some people seem to take offense to that for some reason.

i don't know if there is 1 perfect woman for me, everyone is unique and i'm interested in someone who has different perspectives and who will always make me think and challenge my own beliefs. someone i can learn from and they from me, is generally happy and likes to laugh and have fun, loves music, has respect for the universe and has no need for devisive attitudes. i have been starting to think that might not be impossible and hope i am wrong.

your last email was a great comfort to me and i thank you very much for it and am truly sorry it took so long to tell you that- i've just been in an very introverted (and busy) mood.

hopefully the automotive industry will finally be forced to offer more affordable hybrids, that would be like a dream come true for me!

i love watching storms too! this has been a great weather pattern we've been in lately- except for those totally clear days which have been too hot like yesterday. a good cloudy, warm day with a chance of thunderstorms is like heaven to me- it makes me think living in the tropics wouldn't be so bad as long as it rained almost everyday to cool things off. i used to follow bigger ones when i had more time, at least i've been able to watch them on the way home and listen to them while i'm laying in bed if nothing else. it was funny the other day, my male cat went out the door in the morning when it stopped raining and a minute later there was a huge, scary, close clap of thunder and he jumped back in less than a second later!

i just wish we both had more time, maybe we could out to dinner or something? i know it sounds stupid and myopic but my schedule should be free-ing up after labor day so maybe we could get together and do something then if you have the time? i would like that a lot, like i said earlier i'm always thinking of things i'd like to ask you but just never have time to unfortunately for now.

you...are beautiful in so many ways. i know i don't know you enough to say that but i really have the feeling i'm right. it's almost like i could have written those same emails to you - i do understand exactly what you are saying and feeling. i too feel much the same and very much appreciate each one of your emails and that letter you sent was just awesome to find in my mail box, thank you! now i'm just really praying you don't think 37 is too old!

you do know me already, i guess i have been able to parlay my repect for the universe pretty well, or maybe your psychic?

i'm so tired right now and trying to cover everything i want to say and i'm sure i'm not doing a very good job, but i'll talk to you again soon. i do very much appreciate all your emails and that letter really knocked me out, i can't say it enough. if you still want to get together it doesn't matter to me what we do or where we go at all, and i do understand you will be very busy during your show so i was thinking of wearing some kind of disguise so you wouldn't feel nervous or that you needed to talk to me- i'd just really love to see all your work. anyway, hope all is well and enjoy this beautiful weather we're supposed to have this week--- (this was in regards to my art show...the disguise part)

i'm so, so sorry, so much has happened in the last couple weeks it's impossible to explain it all but just know i didn't and haven't stopped thinking about you in any way.

i really do not believe you when you say you don't recall any man telling you that you are beautiful- that seems completely impossible! but if it is true it only means the men you have been with must be blind, it is so obvious to me. and i know what you are saying about our lives being meant to cross- it seems like something that is meant to be on some level and i feel very lucky that you contacted me, so no, you're not crazy but i am for leaving you hanging for so long- just know i never wanted that to happen at all. (After an unusually long time between emails...)

even though we haven't actually met i do know i care very much about you and can't wait for the next couple weeks to be over so i will finally have time again and maybe then if you can and still want to we will finally meet- anywhere, anytime. it is totally up to you, i am happy just to have had this and any connection with you and i want you to do whatever you want, i hope you understand what i am trying to say. take care---

you don't know how nice it makes me feel to know i brighten your day, as you do mine everytime i receive something from you, even when i think back to what you have said. it gives me such an incredible feeling to know you think of me everyday and my thoughts can bring you happiness and i, too, am so happy that we have been able to be there for each other the last 5 months- you are just so supportive and nurturing and real. it is strange to know someone this way without ever having met, but i could tell from your letter on monday that you weren't feeling all that well, so don't ever worry that you are being misunderstood- i'm very content just to be any part of your day. you write so beautifully and if you mean even half of what you say i think i'm the luckiest guy alive just to be exchanging letters with you this way and making us both feel the way we do, the thought of actually meeting is almost too much, i'd hate to lose what we already have.

Cemetery funnies

Here's a couple of my new lines I say to people after I tell them that I work in a cememtery...

Me: Hey, do you know who's buried in the cemetery I work at?
Other person: No, who?!
Me: Everybody

Me: My job is great. The people I have to work with are very quiet and no one EVER complains.
Other person: You're lucky.
Me: You realize I'm saying this because everyone's dead right?

Me: You know, the people are just dying to get in here!

Disinterment - A Play by Play Examination by Prudence - Not for the faint of heart

First of all let me tell you about work. A disinterment is when someone who's been buried get's dug up to be moved to a different final place of rest. This happened on May 12, 2006

Got to work this morning and we had to hurry to clean out the crypt that Mr. Meyer was to be put in since it was raining so hard yesterday we had decided to put it off until today. Now we open up the crypt this morning with the plan that we'll clean it out and then try to fit the tray in it and if it didn't fit, we'd cut the plastic tray down to size and then be ready for when the vault arrived today. (the tray is for catching any "parts" that might fall off the casket, etc.) So, we open the crypt and find that it was one that had been used previously and someone had been disinterred from there. (in other words...there was body fluid stains in the crypt...not a pleasant sight) Even so...I climbed on in and swept the thing out. Once we figured out how much of the tray would need to be cut to fit in that crypt we grabbed the stone for the front of the crypt and took it and the tray back down to the shop (we had to take the stone down to dry off so we could letter the front of the crypt). We got there and got everything ready. Now, they said they were going to be there at 9am., but that didn't happen. At about 10:20 the vault company arrived with the vault and we were all ready to go. All of us were wearing the bright yellow rain suits (that we got for 4.99 at Fleet Farm - cheap enough to be disposable for us), our purple rubber gloves, face masks (just those papery ones which I sprayed with air freshener stuff as a precaution) and plastic grocery bags duct taped to our feet (to cover ankle to soles of our shoes - it was too expensive to get "rubbers" to cover our lower legs so we went with plastic bags). I also, for myself, had Tiffanie (my boss and superintendant at the cemetery I work at) duct tape the wrists of my rain gear so it was tight to my wrist...just because I really didn't want anything on me if at all possible.

People present at this time...Bill the vault guy, Richard the sales counselor, the guy from the funeral home (didn't get his name), Mark (the superintendant of the other cemetery in town), Tiffanie and I (the three groundsfolk).

The vault guy (Bill) drives down to the shop and with his fancy truck unloads the vault onto the ground (the vault is cement by the way). He then takes a metal post that had a pointed end and hammers on one end of it and punctures a hole in one end of the vault just below the cover. I happened to be standing directly across from where he put the hole in and got my first whiff of "death and decomposition". Not nice. He then gagged. (I'm assuming he got a good whiff too) Then he hooked some hooks onto the vault cover and lifted one side up to hopefully open up the one side of the cover. He raised the whole vault off of the ground a bit and we watched as gravity worked and the cover slowly separated from the right side of the vault. Bill then placed a wood block under the corners of that side (Bill gags again and Mark is standing way back looking peeked). The left side was still attached so he did the same with that side. Now the cover is off all the way around and resting on these blocks (more gagging from Bill). Bill then attached a hook to the cover and lifted it totally off and set it back onto the truck. At this point all I can see is a wood casket that looks like someone cut two holes in the top of. It looked like a window with a separator in the middle. The top part above the face had broken away as well as the foot part and had fallen into the rest of the casket. I moved in for a closer look because now was when we had to figure out how to get all of this out of the vault.

I looked in and could see a foot. He was wearing black socks and from what I could tell...his foot looked in very good shape. It wasn't bones like I thought it would be. Bill says to Tiffanie "move the stuff away by his head so we can see how bad this thing is" (he said this in regards to the casket and how bad "it" was shape-wise). Tiffanie reaches in and moves a couple of the wood pieces and there was his face.

His face was very pale, kind of a creamy greyish white color and it was only slightly sunken in. The face was pretty much all there. He had a couple places where the skin was peeling slightly, but it wasn't gross or anything. More interesting than anything else. I also noticed that all the cloth covering from the inside of the top of the lining in the casket had fallen in and was covering most of his body. It was a nice maroon color and was in very good condition for being in the ground for 21 years.

After looking at the condition of the casket (and deciding that I should stop breathing through my nose and breathe through my mouth because the smell was very strong now) we decided to try to lift it out of the vault using the cables that Bill had. Now he uses these cables to lift the vault out of the ground or lower it into the ground. It's like a metal bar with a loop on each end. The metal cable gets looped around the indents in the vault and then is raised by a sort of winch system. So we very carefully leaned into the vault and managed to shimmy one end of the cable around the foot end and head end of the casket. Bill then slowly raised the casket. It was staying together!!! So we rushed to put the tray onto the church cart (the church cart is what we put caskets on to roll them from the road to either a gravesite or a crypt site) and once the casket was up high enough we turned it and rested it on top of the vault. Once we were all in place (Mark and Bill stabilizing the one end of the church cart) Tiffanie and I pushed the casket off the top of the vault onto the tray that was on the church cart.

This is when I noticed the fluid. There was about 2 gallons or so of fluid in the bottom of the cement vault that the casket had been sitting in. It was reddish brown in color. Kinda gross if you ask me.

Bill then lifted up the cover and replaced it back onto the vault and lifted the vault back onto the truck. I then got a hose for him to rinse off the pavement where the vault was. Just in case anything got on it. we have to figure out how to push this thing up to the mausoleum without losing the casket or tray it was resting on, on the way up. Our solution...we tied the casket to the tray. I was then asked to run the gator (one of our John Deere pieces of's like a four wheeler with a dump well for hauling stuff) up to the crypt with all the final sealing equipment (I had to take off the gloves I had on and put a new pair on that were uncontaminated to drive it up there). Mark and Tiffanie said they'd push it up to the crypt. Well, I didn't want to miss one minute so I rushed up there with the gator and then walked as fast as I could down to where they were at pushing the casket. They had placed what looked like a large cardboard box lid on top of the casket (that way he was covered and not peeking out in case other people were in the cemetery...a respect thing). I helped push the casket the rest of the way up to the crypt. At this point we had to decide who was going to lift where since the crypt was a second level one. I got the job of stabilizing the head while Mark and Tiffanie lifted the feet end into the vault. Once they got the foot end up they came down by my end and helped me lift the head end up and push it into the crypt. Now we put marbles down so it rolls in better, but because of the tray and having to lift it like we did, they weren't working so well. Tiffanie said she'd climb in and push it all the way in. What she did was climb in facing the outside and put her feet on the insides of the crypt to push with her back so it would go all the way in. She got it done and got out faster than I've ever seen her exit one before.

At this point I took off my gloves and realized that we didn't have enough caulk in our "bucket" to seal crypts. So I raced back to the shop with the gator and got a couple more tubes and brought them back up. By this time Tiffanie and Mark had totally removed their rain gear and I was overly anxious to get out of mine. I then gave Mark the caulk and proceeded to try to remove my rain gear without touching the outside of it. It was difficult but I managed. Now I know for next time that I need to remove the duct tape before trying to pull my hands out of the sleeves. That didn't work well trying to remove it that way. I had thought ahead and stuck a couple garbage bags in the gator that Tiffanie and I put all the rain gear into the bag while Mark sealed the crypt.

By the time we got all the stuff put back in the bucket and drove back down to the shop it was about 11:15.

When we sat down to talk about it and take a breather is when I noticed the taste in my mouth. Like something had crawled in and died. I think it had something to do with me breathing through my mouth or something. I joked about having "death breath" and all of us laughed because we were all having the same problem. Tiffanie made some comment about the fact that his face was "a little thin" and I retorted with "well yours would be too if you hadn't eaten anything in 21 years" (more laughter).

Mark then decided to go back to the other cemetery and Tiffanie and I decided to run to her house and shower. I (luckily) brought a change of clothes to work with me. We showered and came back...when we opened the shop door to go inside however we were greeted with the smell of the dead body again. The smell was lingering in the shop. We were there for a little bit and decided to leave and go eat lunch out instead of sitting in there and eating.

It was an experience to say the least. I really hope I don't have to do that again, but if I do, I now know what to expect.

Whew...there...that's the story.

It's been a long I'm...

...coming back home.'s been a LONG time. And so much has gone on so a list will have to suffice for now.

1. The last post...the guy...yeah, he just stopped calling me. Oh well, his loss.

2. My job...I love the cemetery. I've never been happier! (and oh what a tan I have even with my 55spf sunblock)

3. My grandfather was in the hospital (he's 91) and seems to be doing better now. All sorts of problems with his pacemaker and the medications he's on. Doc thinks he's gotten it all straightened out, but we'll see.

4. Relatives galore have been visiting including my super cool cousin from Brooklyn. She's the greatest!

5. I had my first art opening at a REAL ESTABLISHED gallery this past Friday.

6. As for my love life...I've been chatting with a nice fellow for the past 5 months...talked to him on the phone for the first time today and we are planning to meet in the next week or so. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath, but there's a glimmer of hope because he seems so different than the guys I usually fall for.

7. I took my first trip to Indiania for a funeral (my best friend's father's burial).

8. I had to have a biopsy done because my pap showed pre-cancerous tissue. Now I have to have it frozen off...cryosurgery on Sept. 11th. (doc said it could be all sorts of reasons why it happened...but ruled out HPV...thank goodness) Still was very scary.

9. I was involved with a Singer/Songwriter night at the local java jive. It was very fun!

10. And last but not least...I've missed you all so much!

More soon...hugs to you all!

Monday, March 13, 2006

It's absolutely amazing!

Last Monday I was checking my emails, my yahoo messenger was on and no one I knew was on so I just ignored it and went about my email checking. Pretty soon some guy instant messages me and says the following: "Hey Prudence :) I was wondering if you'd like to chat? Im a 28 year old guy, just starting to get back as a musician, liked your profile, noticed we shared taste in music, and thought Id say hi" So I figured..what the heck...I'll talk to him a bit. About 2 hours later we exchanged emails and said that we'd chat the following day. During our conversation we found out that both of us bought the Johnny Cash movie Walk The Line the day it came out without even seeing it since he plays guitar and so do I he made the comment about us possibly being the next "Johnny and June"...well...the names have stuck...he calls me June or Junebug and I call him Johnny.

The next evening I go to check my emails and he's sent me one with his phone number and tells me "Ok, Im gonna go out on a limb here.. if you wanna talk later, feel free to give me a call :) (phone number here) There! That way the pressures all off of me and on you ;)" So I'm like...sheesh...I don't want the "pressure" on me so I send him MY phone number. So we wound up chatting online a bit and he said he'd call me after he got his daughter to bed. I said ok and when he called we proceeded to talk for 2 hours and 37 min. (unbelieveable) We've talked every night since.

I met him in the city he lives in on Saturday for dinner at Applebee's. We ate and talked and he told me (and I quote) "you have the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen". We shared dessert and both commented about licking the plate clean at the same time. After the dinner he invited me over to watch Elizabethtown (the movie) and we held hands and watched the movie. He compliments me constantlly..says I'm amazing and beautiful and creative and have a wonderful heart...etc. etc. enough to make me puke...(just kidding). Before we parted on Sat. we kissed. It was wonderful.

Anyway things went SO well that we're getting together again tomrrow night. He's cooking me dinner. I'm bringing dessert. I can't wait to see him...he left me a cute little message today while I was at work on my cell phone. Said that he just wanted to tell me to have a good day and that he looks SO forward to talking to me tonight after work. What a sweetheart!

His name is Miguel (Mike). He's 28 (we've been joking that I'm Mrs. Robinson). He's Cuban. He was born in NYC, raised in Miami, FL and moved here 4 years ago. He's been divorced 2 years...has a 4 year old daughter...likes all the same music that I do...and he's literally sweeping me off of my feet. He works at a hospital as an OR Instrument Techinician (get's the OR ready for the docs). Anyway...he's a sweetie and I hope that things work out. I'm not counting my chickens before they're hatched however...but I can see us together even more so than with any of the other guys who've crossed my path. He's a nice blend of the guys in the greatest relationships I've ever had that never went anywhere (I've always wanted to take parts of the 3 guys and make them into one and I think I found him!!!). So....keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Brief overview of things...

1. Lost job due to an email a friend sent to me.

2. Freaked out for a bit.

3. Sent out some resume's.

4. Went to an open interview for a Cemetery Supervisor (buildings and grounds and grave digging...sounded interesting).

5. Didn't get that job.

6. Got a call from the Cemetery guy...job opening in a fairly close city would I be interested?

7. Said yes.

8. Start training tomorrow.

Ok...not sure what it will all be like, but at least the people there won't cause me emotional pain and anguish. :)

Mario said I'm a "Jack...wait...Jill of all trades". He's excited about my new job. I'm nervous and excited. I get to work outside a lot...nice!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Behind in posting...

I hope to get caught up and get some time to maybe get some posting done soon. 
Until then...before I forget again...VJ...thanks for the card!!!  You made a really bad day turn into a much better one!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Music

Ok folks...I've got some new music for you all to check out!
A friend of mine just turned me onto some fantastic jazz/bossa nova stuff...Stan Getz with Astrud Gilberto.  Astrud has a fantastic voice that's very yummy to listen to...and Stan Getz and his saxaphone make a fantastic pair.
The other...if you like Stevie Wonder at MUST get the cd State of Mind by Raul Midon.  Oh my...this man has me melting.  I can't stop listening to the cd.  It's lovely.
And last but not least...folkie Rosie Thomas.  She's sort of like Sarah McLachlan meets Joni Mitchell meets Dar Williams.  Her lyrics are beautiful and so is the title of the album that I have "If Songs Could Be Held". 
Anyway...thought you music addicts might like a couple reccomendations as to new stuff to check out.  (I always am up for a good suggestion into new music!)

Friday, January 20, 2006


Ten Top Trivia Tips about Prudence!

  1. Worldwide, Prudence is the most important natural enemy of night-flying insects.
  2. It can take Prudence several days to move just through one tree.
  3. Birds do not sleep in Prudence, though they may rest in her from time to time!
  4. If your ear itches, this means that someone is talking about Prudence.
  5. On stone temples in southern India, there are more than 30 million carved images of Prudence.
  6. Prudence is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.
  7. Plato believed that the souls of melancholy people would be reincarnated into Prudence.
  8. About 100 people choke to death on Prudence each year.
  9. In 1982 Time Magazine named Prudence its 'Man of the Year'.
  10. Prudence can be found on a Cluedo board between the Library and the Conservatory.
I am interested in - do tell me about

He always wore a hat...

My friend Benj (who I've known for 12 years...along with his family)...his dad passed on last Sunday. He was 64. Benj found him in his office. He actually had to break into the office through a window because he didn't have a key...his sisters were with him (thank goodness). It was a heart attack. Myocardial Infarction. And a REAL damn shame!

He was a Sociology professor...had his we got to call him Dr. if we really wanted to...but mostly we just called him JC. He always drove a BMW for as long as I knew him...and it was usually about 11 years or so old and in need of eternal repair. He always had a hat on...always...and not a baseball cap hat, no, more like a felt had with a semi large brim on it...almost looked like a detective's hat.

I remeber meeting his father. I had lost track of Benj because he had moved and we kind of had a falling out at one point. roomie at the time was taking a class from JC and invited me to go with her one day. So I did. He was giving a test. I remember talking to him and telling him that I used to live next door to Benj and that the next time he saw him he should tell him that I say hello. I gave him my phone number so he could pass it to Benj. I also had been working on a Jim Morrison sketch that he had made some comment on how good it was...and well...I gave it to him. Not long after that, Benj called and we got back to friends again.

The other thing I remember that makes me laugh was that on occasion, Benj and I would be sitting on the porch (Benj lives upstairs, his dad, downstairs in a huge Victorian house) having a glass of wine and JC would poke his head out of the door and (yes his hat was on) would reach his arm out to the mailbox and tip his head at me and say, "It's always lovely to see you Prudence, I'd come out and talk with you two more, but I'm not wearing any pants."

He had this habit of coming home from work and disengaging his pants from his body. He loved to lounge in his boxers. over the past week I've been trying to help Benj keep it together...which he's doing a very good job at. I can't imagine what I'd do in his situation. They were SO close.

So, I'm making him food and a pecan pie and I'm spending the night at his place so we can stay up until all hours watching movies & listening to albums and enjoying it all with adult beverages. I kick back and have fun night. I can't wait. It'll be good for both of us.

Monday, January 09, 2006

New Year

Ahhh...a new ideas.
My thought for the new year...I want to be open to serendipitious exciting spontaneous things.
So...Saturday I went on the local Gallery Walk since I had art showing at one of the galleries.  I got to the coffee shop where my art was hung and one of the workers tells me that someone inquired about buying one of my pieces.  (So, I called the lady and she is going to buy my John Lennon print for $25.00!!!)  Then I do the rest of the gallery walk and go to my studio and proceed to write my first song in 4 months and then my friend Traci calls.  We haven't hung out - just the two of us - in about 2 years.  She wants to come up to my studio and hang out with me.  So she arrives and we spend the night talking and talking and talking.  It was perfect!
I love my life right now.  I'm learning to live more day to day and be open to anything that happens!